Provide an integrated approach through which clients are encouraged to achieve their optimal well-being

Counseling Services

Licensed counselors provide individual therapy for adolescents and adults, couples therapy, family therapy, and play therapy for young children. Our counselors help clients with difficult issues that can diminish the quality of life such as relationship problems, work related situations, parenting challenges, depression, grief, anger management, anxiety, aging parent concerns, substance abuse, and chronic health difficulties.

Play Therapy

Play is the natural language of children, and toys are the tools they use to express thoughts and feelings. In the warm, supportive and accepting environment of the play therapy room, young children develop a special relationship with a therapist and "play out" their concerns and issues. Relief from overwhelming feelings happens even if they never verbalize their problems.

Communications Facilitation

Assist divorcing couples identify and prioritize goals, identify interests and options for decision making, as well as providing alternatives for parties to consider while maintaining good working relationships.

Court Ordered Services

Assist families to create, troubleshoot, and maintain familial relationships. Encourage parenting skills, facilitate the creation of co-parenting plans, educate parents concerning issues related to children being raised between two homes, and improve parent-child relationships through court ordered interventions.